Primos Hunting Strap Turkey Vest

Primos Hunting Strap Turkey Vest


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The Strap Turkey Vest carries everything you need, keeps it organized for you, is adjustable to custom fit you, and it is lightweight. All you have to do now is find some turkeys. This vest lets you carry your favorite calls and hunting accessories with a free range of movement so you can get a shot at your big tom. This vest uses a clinch strap to hold your vest tight to your body and uses adjustable straps to give you the best fit.

Model No. 6562 M/L

-Orange safety strip easily accessed for the hike out with your big tom
-Pockets for camera, snacks, bug spray, blind material
-Detachable foam cushion
-Striker organizer pocket
-Pockets for locator calls and flashlight
-Zippered pocket with 6″ expandable mesh pockets located on the -inside that are ideal for the Camp Owl™, Hoot Flute™ or Walkie Talkie
-Mesh pockets for mouth calls


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