Bear X Fortus Crossbow

Bear X Fortus Crossbow


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The Bear X Fortus is a must have for anyone looking to spend more time in the woods. The feature packed Fortus is a lot of speed at an investment that still leaves money in your wallet for deer tags. The stock offers multiple grab locations making this bow easy to maneuver and shoot for various size and age hunters. The Fortus features Bear’s exclusive 3XSTM Trigger System and comes complete with all accessories needed to start your adventure today.

3xs™ Adjustable Trigger System
The 3 Times Safe trigger is the safest and most intuitive trigger ever in a crossbow. The safety is always set when cocking the bow and it can be in safe or fire prior to cocking. SAFETY FIRST!

Bear Fortus Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, Trophy Ridge scope, three Trophy Ridge Insidious bolts and field points, Picatinny-mount quiver and cocking sled.

-Shoots bolts up to 350 fps
-Adjustable 3XS trigger system
-Automatically sets to safe when cocking
-Multiple grab locations on stock
-Equipped with Trophy Ridge XF425 scope

Speed: 350 fps.
Power stroke: 13.75″.
Draw wt: 180 lbs.
Length: 37.5″.
Width: 17.5″ cocked; 21.5″ uncocked.
Wt: 7.8 lbs.


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